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Address Old Gala House
3 Scott Crescent


Garden Open All Year Round. 

SiMBA’s Tree of Tranquillity in The Scottish Borders is installed in the beautiful grounds of Old Gala House. SiMBA worked very closely with Scottish Borders Council to bring the Tree of Tranquillity to the region. We would also like to thank the amazing team from Gala in Bloom for maintaining the area around our tree site for us.

The site at Old Gala House is located in the center of Galashiels, it is easily accessible and the grounds are open all year round. Old Gala House also has the added benefit of a caretaker in residence, car parking and toilet facilities. 

Councillor Len Wyse, SBC’s Executive Member for Environmental Services, at the time said: “Council officers have spent quite some time finding just the right location for this very special sculpture. It was essential that we found somewhere tranquil, not in a cemetery, where parents and families can grieve with a degree of privacy.”

The Tree bears individual leaves which have been engraved with a personal message, each one representing a forever loved and missed baby. Sometimes quiet, shared actions, such as placing a leaf on the tree, can say more and be more meaningful than words.

Reverend Ron Dick from the Borders General Hospital said “In all my working life the most difficult experiences are working with families who have lost a baby either during pregnancy or shortly after birth. I know how important it is for a family to acknowledge their baby and I think it is wonderful to have this tree where mum’s, dads and grandparent’s can come and do what they need to do. We are very fortunate to have this in the Scottish Borders.

To request a leaf for the Borders Tree of Tranquillity Click here and select “Borders”.  As soon as you request a leaf for our Tree of Tranquillity we will add your details to our database to be held indefinitely so that you can return your leaf to us whenever you feel ready. We will also let you know when leaves are being attached, make you aware of any awareness events at your preferred tree location (i.e our annual Butterfly Releases) and we will inform you of any incidents or damage.

When your leaf is sent to you we will include details of our recommended engraver(s). These are individual(s) that we have spoken with who understand the importance of the Tree of Tranquillity and the leaf that you are entrusting them to engrave (however you are welcome to take your leaf to an engraver of your choice).

Once your leaf has been engraved, please return it to SiMBA in the packaging provided, remember to include your completed return a leaf form!

We add leaves to our Trees of Tranquillity at regular intervals throughout the year. As soon as your leaf has been attached we will send you a photograph of your leaf on the Tree of Tranquillity so that you can see exactly where it has been positioned.

If you would like to speak to SiMBA about your leaf for the Tree of Tranquillity please email

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