The image shown above is of the Borders Tree of Tranquillity

The SiMBA Tree of Tranquillity is a stunning hand crafted, life sized copper sculpture which has been created in response to the needs of parents. The Tree design is unique to SiMBA, and each individual leaf can be engraved with a personal message to honour a baby. Its aim is to offer bereaved parents the opportunity to honour their baby in a simple, quiet way and will effectively grow as leaves are added.

The Tree of Tranquillity is not just for the newly bereaved but also parents who sadly lost their baby years ago and were perhaps provided with little or no recognition of their babys existence. The Tree will provide the means to express a private and public declaration in memory of the lost hopes and dreams for the baby. It is a beautiful symbol of remembrance.

We would like to thank Andrew Fenner for making our Tree of Tranquillity video and the "D&G Baby Loss Awareness Tree Committee" 

Lauren Brydson, 
Jill Cameron, 
Karen Little, 
Becky Little, 
Lindsay Temlett, 
Nicole Clark, 
Rachael Brown, 
Louise Copeland 
Claire Burgess  

and everyone who has donated so far to support this project.

The Tree of Tranquillity will be installed in the grounds of The Chricton Trust in Dumfries later this year.

Gwilym Gibbons, Chief Executive of The Crichton Trust said: “The Crichton has long been a place of peace and reflection. We are humbled that the grounds have been chosen as a home for a Tree of Tranquillity and all the loved and lost lives it will represent. We believe the surroundings of The Crichton will through the seasons provide a beautiful backdrop to such a very special Tree”. 

To request a leaf for the Dumfries Tree of Tranquillity Click here and select “Dumfries”.  

As soon as you request a leaf for our Tree of Tranquillity we will add your details to our database to be held indefinitely so that you can return your leaf to us whenever you feel ready. We will also let you know when leaves are being attached, make you aware of any awareness events at your preferred tree location (i.e our annual Butterfly Releases) and we will inform you of any incidents or damage.

When your leaf is sent to you we will include details of our recommended engraver(s). These are individual(s) that we have spoken with who understand the importance of the Tree of Tranquillity and the leaf that you are entrusting them to engrave (however you are welcome to take your leaf to an engraver of your choice).

Once your leaf has been engraved, please return it to SiMBA in the packaging provided, remember to include your completed return a leaf form!

We will add any leaves that we receive onto the Tree of Tranquility before it is unveiled later this year. As soon as your leaf has been attached we will send you a photograph of your leaf on the Tree of Tranquillity so that you can see exactly where it has been positioned.

If you would like to speak to SiMBA about your leaf for the Tree of Tranquillity please email Fiona on

** Update - 21/07/20 **
The current Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on our charity and the services that we can provide. The Dumfries and Galloway Tree of Tranquillity is still in the manufacture stage but we are currently unable to confirm a date for installation. We will update this page as soon as we have more detail, thank you for your patience and continued support. **