UPDATE  - Glasgow City Council are hopeful that works on the house will be completed by early February 2023 and that shortly thereafter (around the beginning of March) work can commence on the security fencing and restoration of the gardens.  We will update this page as soon as we have any updated information. Thank you all for your support. 


The Glasgow Tree of Tranquillity was originally installed in 2015 in the grounds of Auchinlea Park, near to Provan Hall following a successful fundraising campaign and a great deal of community supportSadly, due to vandalism our beautiful memorial sculpture was removed in December 2020 and has been in secure storage sinceThe Tree of Tranquility is a life sized copper sculpture that bears over 200 individually engraved copper leaves; each honouring a baby that has died during pregnancy or shortly after birth. 

In 2021 a working group was formed with bereaved parents who have, or have requested a leaf for the Tree of Tranquility and a 3 phase re-installation plan was created to reinstall the Tree in The Orchard Area within the Walled Garden Area of Provan Hall:  
* In phase 1 we are looking to raise funds to allow us to install new security fencing to strengthen the Orchard Area and to create an accessible pathway, providing a clear walkway to and around the area where the Tree of Tranquillity will be re-installed.  

* In phase 2, we want to create a volunteer gardening group and begin to landscape the area. The Orchard Area is a beautiful tranquil space that has been unattended and unused over the years and become overgrown. We want to, with your support, make this space beautiful once again. We will also want to work closely with ProvanHall to produce on site materials, helping to raise awareness of the sculpture and what it represents.  

* In phase 3, working closely with Glasgow City Council, we are planning to install a specially commissioned memorial sculpture to mark the site where the Tree of Tranquillity originally stood as we know that some families chose to scatter their babies' ashes at this site.  

Due to delays within Provan Hall the contractors are not now expected to be off site before the end of October. These delays have also meant that we have been unable to access the walled garden area to begin any work on phase 1 of the reinstallation project. You can continue to follow progress of the renovation works to the house here:https://www.facebook.com/ProvanHallTrust/ )

Whilst we await access to the site, the working group are still working hard, and have to date raised over £17,000 to support the re-installation of the Glasgow Tree of Tranquillity. The Orchard Area within the walled garden is a beautiful tranquil space that has been unattended and unused over the years and become overgrown. We want to make this space beautiful once again.

 “The tree is important to me as it’s a place to remember my daughter, a quiet space. It also reminds me that we’re not alone, all the leaves represent other families who are missing a little one. I recognise some names, people I’ve met and become friends with. The tree reminds me we are part of something much bigger and I’m never alone.” Valerie       

Project Support

If you, or your company, could make a donation or donate any gardening, building or fencing materials. Or if you are a budding gardener and you could donate your time to join our SiMBA Gardening Group. Please email trees@simbacharity.org.uk, we would love to hear from you!


Coop Funding
If you are a Co-op member then YOU can support SiMBA every time you shop until October, by choosing us your local charity: Co-op (coop.co.uk) 💜

Every £1 that you spend at any Co-op, 2p will be split equally between SiMBA and the Co-op Community Partnerships Fund.

The funds raised from this partnership will allow us to install a memorial sculpture in  on the site where our Tree of Tranquillity originally stood to honour our babies.