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PA19 1QB


The Halo has been installed to strengthen and support our beautiful Inverclyde Tree of Tranquillity

The ‘Halo’ is a bespoke handmade circle of steel specially designed to encircle the Inverclyde Tree of Tranquillity to protect, raise awareness, and enhance the Tree of Tranquility site. We would like to say a huge thank you to Inverclyde Council for funding the halo with support from McGills Buses, Amazon, and the Co-op Gourock Shore Street, Gourock Cardwell Road & Greenock Eldon Street.

To read the full article on the unveiling please click here : Bespoke ‘Halo’ installed to support our Inverclyde Tree of Tranquillity | SiMBA Charity, Simpsons Memory Box Appeal

The Tree of Tranquillity has now been installed in the grounds of Gourock Park in Inverclyde

Following successful fundraising we are delighted to confirm that our 9th Tree of Tranquillity has now been installed in the grounds of Gourock Park

The Inverclyde Tree of Tranquillity was installed on the grounds of Gourock Park on the 28th October and they are open 7 days a week from 0900-1500 (with the exception of Christmas Day and Boxing Day).

We would like to thank everyone at Inverclyde Council who has supported this project including Councillor Stephen McCabe, Leader, Inverclyde Council and their Policy & Resources Committee who donated £10,000; Councilor Lynne Quinn, Kenny Lang, Environmental Services Manager and George Evans, Allan Walker and their team in Grounds Services who landscaped the area so beautifully for us.
We would also like to thank everyone who has fundraised to support this project including :

Karyn Jenkins who has raised over £3363.74 through her pop up shop and Ladies Day to support the Inverclyde Tree of Tranquillity and an additional £961.25 to support SiMBAs core services. Karyn has also helped to generate a huge amount of awareness for this project (see news links below) all in memory of her daughter Sophie Louise 

Gail Baxter who has donated £1000 in memory of her son Harry.

Jade O'Brien and Renfrewshire Council who have donated £1150 remembering "Thomas David Hemphill and the Quinn family".

And everyone who supported our Just Giving fundraising campaign page.

We couldn't have done it without you ! Thank you for believing in our vision and for helping us to make a difference 💜

To request a leaf for the Inverclyde Tree of Tranquillity CLICK HERE and select “Inverclyde (Gourock Park)”.  
As soon as you request a leaf for our Tree of Tranquillity we will add your details to our database to be held indefinitely so that you can return your leaf to us whenever you feel ready. We will also let you know when leaves are being attached, make you aware of any awareness events at your preferred tree location (i.e our annual Butterfly Releases) and we will inform you of any incidents or damage should these occur.

When your leaf is sent to you we will include details of our recommended engraver(s). These are individual(s) that we have spoken with who understand the importance of the Tree of Tranquillity and the leaf that you are entrusting them to engrave (however you are welcome to take your leaf to an engraver of your choice).

Once your leaf has been engraved, please return it to SiMBA in the packaging provided, remember to include your completed "Return a Leaf" form!

We will add any leaves as soon as we can in line with current guidelines. As soon as your leaf has been attached we will send you a photograph of your leaf on the Tree of Tranquillity so that you can see exactly where it has been positioned.

If you would like to speak to SiMBA about your leaf for the Tree of Tranquillity please email

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